About Us

ALL STAR WRESTLING has been serving Long Island youth since 1997 –

is comprised of Olympic wrestlers, collegiate athletes, former college wrestlers, former college coaches, and experienced high school coaches.

ALL STAR WRESTLING specializes in summer wrestling camps and clinics in New York, North Carolina, Connecticut, and Florida.

ALL STAR WRESTLING, in conjunction with JOURNEY WRESTLING actively supports local clubs, High Schools, Middle Schools and freestyle teams throughout the calendar year. It provides instructional tools too help improve wrestling at grassroots levels; prepares developing wrestlers for state, regional, and national competitions; exposes high school scholar athletes to private institutions, colleges, and universities; and offers community mentoring programs for youth wrestling teams.

ALL STAR WRESTLING promotes amateur wrestling for ages five and up and encourages healthy living and fitness for life. Its purpose is to uphold the integrity of a clean athlete, as well as the revered sport of wrestling; this ultimately builds character and influences athletes to reach their true potential.